A Generative Storyteller

About 關於

Betty Xie | 謝嘉怡

As an emerging filmmaker, I believe that extraordinary stories are embedded in the everyday life of ordinary people, and she is on a life-long search for extraordinary/ordinary narratives. Specifically, I am interested in themes of diaspora, migration and identity. 

I have written and directed the fiction short Girlfriends, which was screened at the 2013 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival and 2014 Reel World Film Festival. Currently, I am directing and co-producing the documentary The Home Promised, the winning project from the 2013 "So You Think You Pitch Competition" (emerging category) at Reel Asian Film Festival. 

This summer, other than in the editing room, I can be found at home cooking, writing or watching films for the Programming Committee at Reel Asian.