A Generative Storyteller


I am Betty. I am a Asian Canadian storyteller based in Toronto, Canada.


What I do:

I wear many hats, as a filmmaker, nonprofit fundraiser, design researcher, and curator. But in everything that that I do, what I specialize is storytelling. I have had the pleasure to tell compelling tales through my own documentary and fiction film projects, collaborated with social mission driven nonprofits to hone in their storytelling and secure financial health, and curate extraordinary events and programmes that bring stories of diverse talents to light.

What Are My Values:

Empathic - I believe in the power of deep listening and relationship building. As a disciple of human centric design, empathizing is the first step of everything I do.

Imaginative - As an independent filmmaker, I live and breathe in creative risks. I carry the spirit of thinking beyond the horizon to all my professional practices, always open to ideas and possibilities.

Down-to-Earth  -  Coming from a background of small arts nonprofits, I understand what it is like to be strapped with resources and know what it takes to get quick wins. When I talk about ideas, I am ready to roll up my sleeves to implement the

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