A Generative Storyteller

Innovation Design

As a change agent in the nonprofit world, I experienced the need to think about complex problems systemically in order to meet the needs of various levels of stakeholders. Currently, I am pursuing a part-time MDes, Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University in Toronto. Below are some design project highlights.

Combining my innovation design passion and multimedia production background, I am the in-house Storyteller at I-Think, a nonprofit organization that helps educators that make creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration core to every K-12 classroom in Ontario.

Mapping the Ontario K-12 Education System: the Learning Ecosystem

How might a highly structured and sophisticated system, like the Ontario K-12 Education System, meet the needs of a growing body of diverse learners and the demand from the changing currents of economy and nature of work? This question led our team to map out the current and drew out the design of an emergent education system.

This is a collaborative project done with Sonia Chwalek, Robin Fribance, and Marie-Hélène Fokias and was supervised by Professor Jeremy Bowes and Professor Peter Jones at OCAD University. To learn more, please contact me via email.


MyCoHub - A Co-Op for 10K Meaningful Jobs for Newcomers Women in Canada

How might we work with young newcomer refugee women in Canada to build a self-sustaining employment social enterprise, designed to utilize their latent talents and tacit knowledge empower them to be successful in their own right? With that guiding question, we designed a business model for a urban mushroom farming co-op that trains and connects young refugee women to meaningful community and work.

This is a collaborative project done with Ignacio Rebollo, Tinashe Mafukidze, and Kathy Porter and was supervised by Professor Helen Kerr at OCAD University. To learn more, please contact me via email.